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A.    PVDM3-16B.    PVDM3-32C.    PVDM3-64D.    PVDM3-128Answer: D QUESTION 262Which three options are valid per-session video conference participants supported on the Cisco Integrated Router Generation 2 with packet voice and video digital signal processor 3? (Choose three.) A.    3B.    4C.    6D.    8E.    9F.    12G.    16 Answer: BDG QUESTION 263Refer to the exhibit. Which option describes how this Cisco IOS SIP gateway, with an analog phone attached to its FXS port, handles an incoming informational SIP 180 response message without SDP?   A.    It will enable early media cut-through.B.    It will generate local ring back.C.    It will do nothing because the message is informational.D.    It will terminate the call because this is an unsupported message format.E.    It will take the FXS port offhook. Answer: B QUESTION 264Refer to the exhibit. Which out-of-dialog SIP OPTIONS ping response put dial-peer tag 1111 into its current operational state?   A.    501 Not ImplementedB.    504 Server Time-outC.    408 Request TimeoutD.    486 Busy HereE.    503 Service Unavailable Answer: E QUESTION 265Which statement about what happens to a Cisco IOS SIP VoIP dial-peer that never received any responses to its out-of-dialog OPTIONS ping is true? A.    Its admin state will be up but operational state will be down.B.    Its admin and operational state will be down.C.    Its admin and operational state will remain up.D.    Its admin state will be up but operational state will be "busy-out".E.    Its admin and operational state will be "busy-out". Answer: A QUESTION 266Which two are characteristics of jitter buffers? (Choose two.) A.    Jitter buffers are used to change asynchronous packet arrivals into a synchronous stream by turning variable network delays into constant delays at the destination end systems.B.    Jitter buffers are used to change asynchronous packet arrivals into a synchronous stream by turning variable network delays into constant delays at the sending systems.C.    The role of the jitter buffer is to balance the delay and the probability of interrupted playout due to late packets.D.    The role of the jitter buffer is to queue late packets and reorder out-of-order packets.E.    Jitter buffers are used to change asynchronous packet arrivals into a synchronous stream by queuing packets into constant delays at the sending systems. Answer: AC QUESTION 267Which option is the default Cisco Wireless Unified Communications endpoints marking for video media traffic or video RTP traffic? A.    DSCP 8B.    DSCP 24C.    DSCP 34D.    DSCP 46 Answer: C QUESTION 268Which two statements about Cisco Unified Communications Manager mixed-mode clusters are true? (Choose two.) A.    Cluster security mode configures the security capability for your standalone server or a cluster.B.    The device security mode in the phone configuration file is set to nonsecure.C.    The phone makes nonsecure connections with Cisco Unified Communications Manager even if the device security mode specifies authenticated or encrypted.D.    Security-related settings other than device security mode, such as the SRST Allowed check box, get ignored.E.    Auto-registration does not work when you configure mixed mode. Answer: AE QUESTION 269Refer to the exhibit. On which two Cisco Unified CM Administration pages can a system administrator define MTU for an SSL VPN tunnel connecting between a Cisco IP phone and a Cisco IOS VPN gateway? (Choose two.)   A.    VPN ProfileB.    VPN GroupC.    VPN GatewayD.    VPN Feature ConfigurationE.    System, followed by Enterprise ParametersF.    System, followed by Enterprise Phone Configuration Answer: AD QUESTION 270Which enrollment method does a Cisco IOS VPN router trustpoint use to install a Certificate Authority Proxy Function certificate for LSC validation of a Cisco IP phone client? A.    HTTP proxy serverB.    certificate authority server URLC.    terminalD.    self signedE.    registration authority Answer: C QUESTION 271Refer to the exhibit. The public key infrastructure debugs are generated on a Cisco IOS VPN router for a failed certification validation on an incoming connection from an IP phone client. Which option is a possible solution for this problem?   A.    Define a matching Certification Revocation List on the Cisco IOS VPN router.B.    Define a Certification Revocation List in the IP phone certificate.C.    Disable revocation check for the trustpoint.D.    Define an enrollment URL for the trustpoint.E.    Define a matching Certification Revocation List on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Answer: C QUESTION 272In Cisco Unity Connection, to which three configuration dialog boxes can a user assign a search space? (Choose three.) A.    Routing RuleB.    Call HandlerC.    Interview HandlerD.    ContactsE.    UsersF.    PortG.    Phone System Answer: ABE QUESTION 273Refer to the exhibit. Cisco Unity Connection Site A has two locations. Cisco Unity Connection Site B has one location. Which protocols connect the locations and servers together for messaging and replication?   A.    1 - SMTP2 - HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP3 - NoneB.    1 - SMTP2 - SMTP3 - SMTPC.    1 - HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP2 - HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP3 - HTTP/HTTPS, SMTPD.    1 - HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP2 – SMTP3 - None Answer: A QUESTION 274Which two search scope options are removed from a directory handler when you check the "voice enabled" check box? (Choose two.) A.    Class of ServiceB.    System Distribution ListC.    Search SpaceD.    PartitionE.    Phone System Answer: AB QUESTION 275Refer to the exhibit. Assume that all shown agents are available to take a call. Which agent will receive the call when a select resource step is triggered in the script for the Customer Service CSQ?   A.    s1dispatch-PAB.    s1dispatch-OHC.    the agent that has been idle the longestD.    the agent with the shortest handled time Answer: A QUESTION 276Which two guidelines are recommended when configuring agent phones for Cisco Unified CCX agents? (Choose two.) A.    In the Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings section, set the Maximum Number of Calls to 2.B.    In the Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings section, set the Busy Trigger value to 2.C.    The Unified CCX extension for the agent must be listed within the top four extensions on the device profile.D.    In the Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings section, set the Maximum Number of Calls to at least 3.E.    Always enable SRTP when configuring an agent phone. Answer: AC QUESTION 277Which three issues prevent a customer from seeing the presence status of a new contact in their Jabber contact list? (Choose three.) A.    incoming calling search space on SIP trunk to IM&PB.    IM&P incoming ACL blocking inbound statusC.    subscribe calling search space on SIP trunk to IM&PD.    PC cannot resolve the FQDN of IM&PE.    Owner user ID is not set on device.F.    Primary DN is not set in end user configuration for that user.G.    Subscriber calling search space is not defined on user's phone. Answer: BCD QUESTION 278Which option describes how you can show the same contacts in your Jabber for Windows on-premise client as you do on the corporate directory of your IP phone? A.    Switch your Jabber client to use UDS instead of EDI.B.    Switch your Jabber client to use EDI instead of UDS.C.    Update your IM&P server to sync off of the same LDAP directory as your Cisco Unified Communications Manager.D.    Add Jabber to your inbound/outbound firewall rules on your PC.E.    Jabber can only pull directly from LDAP and cannot directly search the Cisco Unified Communications Manager user database. Answer: A QUESTION 279Two Jabber clients are unable to pass instant messages between each other. What is the appropriate next step? A.    Review XCP router logs.B.    Open port 5060 on the firewalls between the PCs and the IM&P servers.C.    Review SIP proxy logs.D.    Review Help > Show Connection Status in each Jabber client, and pull logs as necessary. Answer: A QUESTION 280Which three statements about configuring partitioned intradomain federation to Lync are true? (Choose three.) A.    Intradomain federation to Lync is only possible using SIP.B.    IM&P and Lync should federate to any required remote domains.C.    You must update the URIs of any users migrated from Lync to IM&P to match the Cisco Unified Presence Server SIP URI format.D.    A static route must be added to point the local presence domain to the Lync server.E.    Microsoft RCC must be enabled.F.    The Enable use of Email Address when Federating option can be turned on if SIP URIs are different between IM&P and Lync. Answer: ACD Lead2pass 400-051 PDF dumps is perfect! Totally! 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