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QUESTION 71You manage a project for which the team has not delivered all of the story points committed to in a previous sprint.You want to define the amount of work the team can commit to for the next sprint of the project.What should you do? A.    Review the sprint burndown to define the amount of work.B.    Review the team velocity to define the amount of workC.    Allow the product owner to define the amount of work.D.    Review capacity of the team to define the amount of work. Answer: B QUESTION 72You are assigned to manage a new development team that uses Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 for application lifecycle management (ALM).The development team works in a highly regulated environment.You are required to:- Document and manage risks,- Document and manage change requests, and- Maintain a formal project issue log.You need to select a development process for your team.Which process template should you use? A.    Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) for Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)Process Improvement 6.0B.    Microsoft Kanban 1.0C.    Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) for Agile Software Development 6.0D.    Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.0 Answer: A QUESTION 73A development team in your company has been unsuccessful delivering software by its deadline. You join the team as its new scrum master.The previous scrum master did not understand the importance of the length of a sprint.You need to define how long the sprints should be.Which two factors should you consider to determine sprint length? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) A.    The iteration length should be long enough to ensure than no more than 20 percent of thetotal effort is spent performing deployment and administrative tasks.B.    The iteration length should be consistent.C.    The iteration length should be flexible.D.    The sprint length should be long enough to create a usable and potentially releasableproduct.E.    The iteration length should be longer than one month. Answer: BDExplanation:Sprint lengthI asked Ken Schwaber once how long a Sprint should be. His answer was, "As short as possible and no shorter." Sprints of longer than four weeks (one month) have a smell--the smell of water falling. When a Sprint's length is longer than a month, the definition of what is being built may change or complexity and risk may increase. By limiting the maximum length of a Sprint, at most one month of development effort would be wasted, rather than several months in a classic waterfall project.Conversely, Sprints with a length of less than one week are possible, but should be executed only by a high-performance Scrum Team. Even with very short Sprints, the overhead of the inner events must be factored in, leaving even less time for actual software development.Teams working in "micro sprints" like these need to be on their A-game every day.Ideally, the length of the Sprint does not change. If it must, it can only change in between Sprints, as a result of a decision made collaboratively during the prior Sprint's retrospective meeting.Any change to the length of a Sprint will cause disruption to the Development Team's cadence.This will correct over time, as will its Velocity.Professional Scrum Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 p.15 QUESTION 74You are using the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) for Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Process Improvement 6.0 process template.A stakeholder has requested a change, but the change request has not received the attention that it requires.You need to escalate the change request.What should you do? A.    Create an impediment work item.Link the new impediment to the change request.Escalate the impediment to get the change request on track.B.    Create a bug work item.Link the new bug to the change request.Escalate the bug to get the change request on track.C.    Create an issue work item.Link the new issue to the change request.Escalate the issue to get the change request on track.D.    Create another change request work item.Link the new change request to the change request.Escalate the change request to get the change request on track. Answer: DExplanation:If a change request does not receive the attention that it requires, escalate the matter by creating an issue work item. Link the new issue to the change request, and escalate the issue to get the change request impact assessment on track. QUESTION 75You are a scrum master.You need to lead the daily scrum meeting.Which three questions should you ask? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.) A.    What will be done before the next meeting?B.    What went well?C.    What has been accomplished since the last meeting?D.    Are there any potential improvements?E.    What obstacles are in the way?F.    Is the burndown up to date? Answer: ACEExplanation:The most popular technique that Development Teams use during the Daily Scrum is to stand in acircle facing each other.Each developer, in turn, answers the following three questions:1. What have I done since the last Scrum?2. What will I do between now and the next Scrum?3. What impediments are in my way?Professional Scrum Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 p.21 QUESTION 76You are using the Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.0 process template.You recently finished a sprint.You need to conduct a retrospective meeting prior to planning the next sprint.What should you do? A.    Analyze and revise the story points of the work items completed in the previous sprint.B.    Analyze the previous sprint to identify what the team is going to do differently during thenext sprint.C.    Analyze items in the product backlog for the next sprint.D.    Determine which items have been finished on the previous sprint. Answer: C QUESTION 77You are part of a scrum team that needs to identify user stories to complete in the next sprint.What should the scrum master do? A.    Have the product owner decide which user stories to complete within the sprint.B.    Order the user stories by their story points. Select the top stories based on the team'svelocity.C.    Have the team decide which user stories to complete within the sprint.D.    The scrum master should decide which user stories to complete within the sprint. Answer: C QUESTION 78You are planning to develop a new application.You need to ensure that the code is easy to test and obtain high code coverage.What should you do? A.    Create as many static methods as possible.B.    Create a fake for each class that you are testing.C.    Ensure that concrete classes depend only on other concrete classes.D.    Ensure that each class has only one responsibility. Answer: D QUESTION 79Your team uses Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) as their application lifecycle management solution.The team is developing a mission-critical internal web application.The data service and user interface are on different servers.The web application includes a Windows clientThe internal IT group uses packaged software to distribute software to internal clients.File shares are used for staging.The file shares are titled \deploystagingmyapp. and they contain the install packages.The team needs to deploy updates on a quarterly basis.The team also needs to keep copies of the deployed software in the team's environment and to use TFS Release Management.You need to create a process that deploys the Windows client to the staging area.What should you do? A.    Create a custom action to deploy your msi file, and use one-click deployment.B.    Create a Release Template, and add the step Copy file or Folder in the Staging tab.Set the Destination to \deploystagingmyapp.C.    Create a Release Template, and add the Windows OS task of moving a file.Set the staging area as he place to move the msi file.D.    Create a custom action that connects to the internal third-party deployment api, and add itto the Release Template. Answer: B QUESTION 80Drag and Drop QuestionYou are on the development team of your company's newly-formed Scrum team.At the start of your first sprint, your Scrum Master tells you that you are required to participate in the Daily Scrum or Stand-up.You need to attend this meeting and give feedback to three important questions.Which three questions should you answer in sequence? 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