This page was exported from Free Lead2pass Dumps VCE [ ] Export date:Thu Jul 2 16:32:03 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2016-New] GreatExam Latest SAP C_TBI30_74 Exam Questions Free Download (1-10) --------------------------------------------------- 2016 June SAP Official New Released C_TBI30_74 Q&As in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! I have already passed SAP C_TBI30_74 certification exam today! Scored 989/1000 in Australia. SO MANY new added exam questions which made me headache‚Ķ.. Anyway, I finally passed C_TBI30_74 exam with the help of GreatExam! Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center: (The full version is in the end of the article!!!) QUESTION 1You want to insert a chart in a SAP Crystal Reports report.The chart should be displayed only on the first page of the report.In which section do you insert the chart? A.    Report HeaderB.    Page HeaderC.    DetailsD.    Group Header Answer: A QUESTION 2Which tasks can you perform by using URL parameters in BEx Web Application Designer?(Choose two) A.    Change filter values.B.    Change Web item properties.C.    Change the authorization user.D.    Change the applied portal theme. Answer: AB QUESTION 3Which of the following Web items can you use to execute a command in a Web template?(Choose two) A.    Text ItemB.    Dropdown Box ItemC.    Button Group ItemD.    Radio Button Group ItemE.    Checkbox Group Item Answer: BC QUESTION 4Your customer requests a new dashboard.You suggest creating a prototype first, as advised by best practices.What are the benefits of this recommendation?(Choose two) A.    You can simulate the data flow.B.    You can simulate the design and development process.C.    You can streamline the production time.D.    You can simulate how users will interact with the dashboard. Answer: CD QUESTION 5You create a dashboard and choose Save to Platform asDashboard Design Object.What does the saved dashboard contain? A.    An object that contains both the design document and the Flash fileB.    The design document onlyC.    An object that contains both the design document and the Excel fileD.    The Flash file only Answer: A QUESTION 6Which of the following is a valid combination of sender-receiver assignment for the SAP BW report-to-report interface? A.    InfoCube -> Transaction in SAP ERP systemB.    BEx query -> InfoCubeC.    BEx query -> PDF documentD.    BEx query view -> ABAP report in SAP BW system Answer: A QUESTION 7What does this formula do?Month ({Orders.Order Date}) A.    Determines the month in which an order has been placedB.    Lists the orders that have been placed in a given monthC.    Returns the total number of orders that have been placed in a given monthD.    Sorts the orders by month Answer: A QUESTION 8Which of the following data connectivity options can you use in dashboards?(Choose two) A.    Web service query (Query as a Web Service)B.    XML DataC.    HTTPD.    SQLMOBILE Answer: AB QUESTION 9What is the result of setting the "constant selection" property in the Extended tab of a restricted key figure? A.    Navigation and filters will affect the restricted key figure.B.    Navigation will affect the result of the restricted key figure, filters will have no effect.C.    Filters will change the result of the restricted key figure, navigation will have no effect.D.    Navigation and filters will not affect the restricted key figure. Answer: D QUESTION 10You define an OLAP connection to BW.Which of the following objects can you define as targets for this connection? A.    MultiProvider and FavoritesB.    InfoCube and BW systemC.    Query and InfoAreaD.    Role and InfoCube Answer: B GreatExam C_TBI30_74 pdf dumps is perfect! Totally! Thanks so much! 2016 SAP C_TBI30_74 exam dumps (All 95 Q&As) from GreatExam: [100% Exam Pass Guaranteed!!!] --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2016-06-25 00:58:53 Post date GMT: 2016-06-25 00:58:53 Post modified date: 2016-06-25 00:58:53 Post modified date GMT: 2016-06-25 00:58:53 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from