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A company wants to restrict data access to a specific year for certain users. Which privilege type must you define in SAP HANA to achieve this requirement?

A.    SQL privileges
B.    Package privileges
C.    System privileges
D.    Analytic privileges

Answer: D

Which of the following are required to enable SAP HANA high availability?

A.    SAP HANA distributed systems
B.    SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension
C.    Redundant storage and network
D.    High-performance computing clustering for Linux

Answer: AC

Which of the following is most relevant for CPU sizing of a SAP HANA appliance?

A.    The amount of disk storage
B.    The SAP HANA hardware platform
C.    The number of concurrent users logged onto SAP HANA
D.    The number of users actively running analytics in SAP HANA

Answer: D

You need to replicate data from an SAP ERP production system to SAP HANA.
Where does SAP recommend that you install the productive SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) instance?

A.    With the SAP Solution Manager system
B.    On the SAP HANA server
C.    On a dedicated server
D.    With the SAP ERP system

Answer: C

In the SAP HANA studio, to which of the following does the loading status “partially” refer?

A.    To a row store table that is loaded in delta storage
B.    To a column store table that is loaded in delta storage
C.    To a row store table of which only some rows are loaded
D.    To a column store table of which only some columns are loaded

Answer: D

An organization has the following infrastructure standard:
– Separate Server and User network managed by the internal network team
– Centralized shared storage (SAN) with RAID-5
– In-house full time SAP Basis, DBA, and OS team
– Unified on Red Hat Linux on Intel platform
– All Windows 7 desktop/laptop
– VPN remote access
– Tape based off-site backup storage and active-passive remote site Disaster Recovery
Which of the following aspects of the IT infrastructure strategy will need to be reconsidered if they are to implement SAP HANA?

A.    Data Volume growth
B.    Backup and recovery
C.    Client Access to data
D.    Network security and bandwidth
E.    Hardware/OS support

Answer: BDE

Which of the following are allowed to be written to the disk space for the data volumes in an SAP HANA system?

A.    Data exports
B.    Backup data files
C.    Log files
D.    Runtime dump files

Answer: AD

Which tool do you use for complex data transformation of SAP ERP data?

A.    Sybase Replication Server
B.    SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
C.    SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
D.    SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

Answer: D

Where do you specify the instance number during the installation of SAP HANA?

A.    In the installer execution file
B.    In the installer configuration file
C.    In global.ini
D.    In a dialog box prompt

Answer: B

Which of the following situations result in a system lockdown?

A.    The system ID and/or hardware key of the database have been changed after a system copy or renaming.
B.    The license keys installed in the database have been deleted.
C.    The license type was changed from platform to enterprise.
D.    The installed license key is an unenforced license key and the current memory consumption exceeds the licensed amount plus the tolerance.

Answer: AB

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