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You have a hybrid Exchange Server 2016 organization.
Some of the mailboxes in the research department are hosted on-premises. Other mailboxes in the research department are stored in Microsoft Office 365.
You need to search the mailboxes in the research department for email messages that contain a specific keyword in the message body.
What should you do?

A.    From the Exchange Online Exchange admin center, search the delivery reports.
B.    Form the on-premises Exchange center, search the delivery reports.
C.    From the Exchange Online Exchange admin center, create a new In-Place eDiscovery & Hold.
D.    From the Office 365 Compliance Center, create a new Compliance Search.
E.    From the on-premises Exchange admin center, create a new In-Place eDiscovery & Hold.

Answer: E

You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization.
Some users access their mailbox by using an Android or an iOS device.
You need to prevent the users from using OWA for Devices to access their mailbox.
Which cmdlet should you use?

A.    Set-CASMailbox
B.    Set-MobileMailboxPolicy
C.    Set-OWAVirtualDirectory
D.    Set-OWAMailboxPolicy

Answer: A

Your company has an Exchange Server 2016 organization. The organization contains 2,000 mailboxes and five Mailbox servers, including one server named EX1.
Five hundred users retrieve email from their mailboxes by using an IMAP4 client application from the Internet.
The users also connect to EX1 to send email messages. All of the email messages are secured by using TLS.
An administrator recently replaced the company’s firewall.
Users now report that they fail to send email messages from the IMAP4 client application.
You verify that the users can retrieve email messages form their mailbox successfully.
You need to recommend which TCP port must be allowed so that the users can send email messages from the IMAP4 application successfully.
Which TCP port should you recommend?

A.    443
B.    587
C.    993
D.    995

Answer: C

Your network contains the servers configured as shown in the following table.
You run the New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet and you receive the following error message.

The task was unable to create the default witness directory on server FS01.
Please manually specify a witness directory.
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument : (:) [New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup], DagFswUnableTob…ectoryException
+FullyQualifiedErrorId : [Server=EX01, RequestId-81b106a2-21e7-4ac3-8a23-e2e13e54a9fa, TimeStamp=11/13/2015 3:09:02 PM]
[FailureCategory=CmdletDagFswUnableToBindWitnessDirectoryException] 166B6E12, Microsoft. Exchange. Management. SystemConfigurationTasks. NewDatabaseAvailabilityGroup +PSComputerName : EX01.contoso.com

You need to ensure that you can create the database availability group (DAG) successfully by using the NewDatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet.
What should you do?

A.    Add the Exchange Trusted Subsystem group to the local Administrators group on FS01.
B.    Add the Delegated Setup role group to the local Administrators group on FS01.
C.    Install the Failover Clustering feature on FS01.
D.    Install the Remote Server Administration Tools feature on FS01.

Answer: A

You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization.
The organization contains a mailbox database named DB1. DB1 is stored on a volume named Volume1.
You plan to use Exchange Native Data protection.
You need to recommend a solution to prevent Volume1 from running out of space for transaction logs.
What should you recommend?

A.    an event history retention period
B.    background database maintenance
C.    circular logging
D.    a size limit of the log directory for the managed folders

Answer: C

You have an exchange Server 2016 organization that uses an SMTP domain named contoso.com.
You need to encrypt all of the SMTP traffic from the organization to a partner organization.
The partner organization uses an SMTP domain named litwareinc.com.
Which three commands should you run on your server? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    New-ReceiveConnector-Name “Connector1”-Usage Internet- Bindings DomainSecureEnabled: $true
B.    Set-TransportConfig-TLSSendDomainSecureList litwareinc.com
C.    New-SendConnector-Usage Partner-Name “Connector1” -AddressSpaces “lintwareinc.com” -IgnoreSTARTTLS $false-DNSRoutingEnabled $true -DomainSecureEnabled $true
D.    Set-TransportConfig- TLSReceiveDomainSecureList contoso.com
E.    Set-TransportConfig-TLSReceiveDomainSecureList litwareinc.com
F.    New-SendConnector- Usage Partner -Name “Connector1” -AddressSpaces “contoso.com” -IgnoreSTARTTLS $false-DNSRoutingEnabled $ture -DomainSecureEnabled $true
G.    Set-TransportConfig-TLSSendDomainSecureList contoso.com

Answer: CEG

You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization.
The organization contains an Edge transport server.
Users report that a message with the following anti-spam headers is delivered to their Inbox folder in Microsoft Outlook.

X-MS-Exchange- Organization- PCL : 7
X-MS-Exchange- Organization- SCL : 6
X-MS-Exchange- Organization -Antispam-Report : DV : 3.1.3924.1409; SID : SenderIDStatus Fail; PCL: PhishingLevel SUSPICIOUS; CW: CustomList; PP: Presolved; TIME: TimeBasedFeatures

You need to prevent similar messages from being delivered. The solution must generate a non-delivery report (NDR) when the messages are prevented from being delivered to all user mailboxes.
What should you do?

A.    Set the SCL reject threshold to 7.
B.    Run the Set-SenderIdConfig cmdlet.
C.    Set the SCL delete threshold to 7.
D.    Run the Set-TransportConfig cmdlet.

Answer: A

You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization.
The organization contains one Edge Transport server.
A user reports that certain email messages expected from a specific recipient were never received.
You need to search for messages that were blocked by the Edge Transport because they contain attachment types that are blocked by the organization.
In which folder should you search?

A.    QueueViewer
B.    AgentLog
C.    Connectivity
D.    Routing
E.    ProtocolLog

Answer: E

You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization.
Users store sales information in public folders.
You need to create a public folder that can receive email from external users.
Which three commands should you use? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Add-MailboxPermission
B.    Add-PublicFolderClientPermission
C.    Update-PublicFolderMailbox
D.    Enable-MailPublicFolder
E.    Add-RecipientPermission
F.    New-PublicFolder
G.    New-Mailbox

Answer: BDF


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