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You work for a large organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365.
The organization wants to allow users to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook, but users do not have local administrator rights on their computers.
How should Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook be installed for the users who need it?

A.    by using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
B.    by configuring a Group Policy on Active Directory
C.    by using the command line on each computer
D.    by using the download link in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web application

Answer: B

You have Microsoft Dynamics 365 online and Microsoft SharePoint online configured for document management.
Six months after going live, you decide that you need document storage on a new entity.
You need to enable document management on the new entity in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Configure document management on the entity.
B.    Configure OneNote integration on the entity.
C.    Enable document management settings for the entity.
D.    Configure Notes (includes attachments) on the entity.

Answer: C

You are the system administrator for a medical company.
You need to configure Microsoft SharePoint Online to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Once integrated, which two outcomes can be achieved? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Users can sign in once and do not have to sign in to both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Share Point
B.    Users can create folders in Microsoft SharePoint from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 command bar.
C.    Users can perform Microsoft SharePoint actions from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 command bar.
D.    Users can create new site collections in Microsoft SharePoint from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 command bar.

Answer: D

You maintain a Microsoft Dynamics 365 online instance.
You need to configure Microsoft Social Engagement, which is operating in the same tenant with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Which step should you perform to accomplish this goal?

A.    Create new charts to display the social data.
B.    Select the solution to connect to.
C.    Configure server-side synchronization to integrate with Microsoft Exchange Online.
D.    Update the security setting for users.

Answer: D

You are a system administrator using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You received an email informing you that you need to schedule the December 2016 update:
however, you skipped the June 2016 update.
Which of the following is true?

A.    You can schedule the December 2016 update without scheduling the June 2016 update.
B.    You can skip both updates and schedule all to be completed when the June 2017 update is available.
C.    You must schedule the June 2016 update before you can schedule the December 2016 update.
D.    You can schedule both updates to be completed at the same time.

Answer: B

You are the system administrator for an organization that has a Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment hosted in country/region l.
Your organization just acquired a new company in country/region 2.
You need to ensure that the instance created for the users of the acquired company does not share storage space with all of your current instances.
What should you create to accomplish this goal?

A.    a new production instance in country/region 1 on your existing tenant
B.    a new production instance in a new tenant in country/region 2
C.    a new sandbox instance in country/region 2 on your existing tenant
D.    a new production instance in country/region 2 on your existing tenant

Answer: D

You are the system administrator at Contoso, Inc.
You have imported 3 GB of data into an instance, but the storage utilization for your subscription does not reflect the used storage space.
What is causing this discrepancy?

A.    You imported the data into a sandbox instance.
B.    Custom indexing is enabled on your instance.
C.    You imported the data into a preview instance.
D.    Data utilization is calculated every 48 hours.

Answer: A

Which two operating systems are supported for accessing Microsoft Dynamics when using Google Chrome? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Windows 8.1
B.    Mac OS X 10.10
C.    Android 9
D.    Android 10

Answer: AB

You are a systems architect helping a company deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.
The company currently uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, which is hosted on-premises.
The company needs to migrate the data within that system to Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Which import method should you use to accomplish this goal?

A.    Migrate the data by using the Data Loader service.
B.    Upload CRM SQL backup file using the On-Premises to Online Conversion Service.
C.    Restore the CRM 2016 On-premises database in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 administration center.
D.    Export the data to multiple CSV files.

Answer: D

You are the network manager for a company that wants to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Your users have Active Directory accounts. These accounts are stored on-premises.
Management wants users to have a seamless login experience, using Single Sign-On (SSO).
What should you do to accomplish this goal?

A.    Synchronize Active Directory with Microsoft Office 365.
B.    License all users for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Office 365 Adm in Portal.
C.    Implement Active Directory Federation Services.
D.    Create accounts within the Microsoft Office 365 Ad min Portal.

Answer: D

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