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Which three statements about Dynamic ARP inspection on Cisco switches are true? (Choose three)

A.    The trusted database can be manually configured using the CLI
B.    Dynamic ARP inspection is supported only on access ports
C.    Dynamic ARP inspection does not perform ingress security checking
D.    DHCP snooping is used to dynamically build the trusted database
E.    Dynamic ARP inspection checks ARP packets against the trusted database
F.    Dynamic ARP inspection checks ARP packets on trusted and untrusted ports

Answer: ADE

Which option is benefit of VRF Selection using Policy-Based Routing for packets to different VPNs?

A.    It increases the router performance when longer subnet masks are in use
B.    It supports more than one VPN per interface
C.    It allows bidirectional traffic flow between the service provider and the CEs
D.    It automatically enables fast switching on all directly connected interfaces
E.    It can use global routing tables to forward packets if the destination address matches the VRF configure on the interface
F.    Every PE router in the service provider MPLS cloud can reach every customer network

Answer: E

Which two statements about Cisco VSG are true? (Choose two)

A.    It uses optional IP-to-virtual machine mappings to simplify management of virtual machines
B.    According to Cisco best practices, the VSG should use the same VLAN for VSM-VEM control traffic and management traffic
C.    It has built-in intelligence for redirecting traffic and fast-path offload
D.    Because it is deployed at layer 2, It can be inserted without significant reengineering of the network .
E.    It can be integrated with VMWare vCenter to provide transparent provisioning of policies and profiles.
F.    It uses the Cisco VSG user agent to register with the Cisco Prime Network Services Controller

Answer: DE

Which two statements about NVGRE are true? (Choose two)

A.    It allows a virtual machine to retain its MAC and IP addresses when it is moved to different hypervisor on a different L3 network
B.    The virtual machines reside on a single virtual network regardless of their physical location
C.    NVGRE endpoints can reside within a virtual machine
D.    The network switch handles the addition and removal of NVGRE encapsulation
E.    It supports up to 32 million virtual segments per instance

Answer: BC

Which four task items need to be performed for an effective risk assessment and to evaluate network posture? (Choose four)

A.    Scanning
B.    Mitigation
C.    Baselining
D.    Profiling
E.    Notification
F.    Validation
G.    Discovery
H.    Escalation

Answer: ADFG

Which two statements about Cisco AMP for Web Security are true? (Choose two)

A.    It can detect and block malware and other anomalous traffic before it passes through the Web gateway.
B.    It can identify anomalous traffic passing through the Web gateway by comparing it to an established baseline of expected activity
C.    It can perform file analysis by sandboxing known malware and comparing unknown files to a local repository of threats
D.    It continues monitoring files after they pass the Web gateway
E.    It can prevent malicious data exfiltration by blocking critical files from exiting through the Web gateway
F.    It can perform reputation-based evaluation and blocking by uploading of incoming files to a cloud-based threat intelligence network

Answer: DF

Which two statements about a wireless access point configured with the guest-mode command are true? (Choose two)

A.    If one device on a network is configured in guest mode, clients can use the guest mode SSID to connect to any device on the same network
B.    It supports associations by clients that perform passive scans
C.    It allows associated clients to transmit packets using its SSID
D.    It can support more than one guest-mode SSID
E.    It allows clients configured without SSID to associate

Answer: DE

What are the major components of a Firepower health monitor alert?

A.    A health monitor, one or more alert responses, and a remediation policy
B.    One or more health modules, one more alert responses, and one or more alert actions
C.    The severity level, one or more alert responses, and a remediation policy
D.    One or more health modules, the severity level, and an alert response
E.    One health module and one or more alert responses

Answer: D

Which statement about managing Cisco ISE Guest Services is true?

A.    Only a Super Admin or System Admin can delete the default Sponsor portal
B.    ISE administrators can view and set a guest’s password to a custom value in the sponsor portal
C.    ISE administrators can access the Sponsor portal only if they have valid Sponsor accounts
D.    By default, an ISE administrator can manage only the guest accounts he or she created in the Sponsor portal
E.    Only ISE administrators from an external identity store can be members of a Sponsor group
F.    ISE administrator can access the Sponsor portal only from the Guest Access menu

Answer: D

Which two statements about 6to4 tunneling are true?

A.    It provides a /48 address block
B.    The prefix address of the tunnel is determined by the IPv6 configuration to the interface
C.    It supports static and BGPv4 routing
D.    It supports managed NAT along the path of the tunnel
E.    It provides a /128 address block
F.    It supports mutihoming

Answer: AC

Which connection mechanism does the eSTREAMER service use to communicate?

A.    SSH
B.    IPsec tunnels with 3DES encryption only
C.    TCP over SSL only
D.    EAP-TLS tunnels
E.    TCP with optional SSL encryption
F.    IPsec tunnels with 3DES or AES encryption

Answer: C

Which two statements about MPP (Management Plane protection. Are true? (Choose two)

A.    It is supported on both distributed and hardware-switched platforms
B.    Only virtual interfaces associated with physical interfaces are supported
C.    It is supported on both active and standby management interfaces
D.    Only in-band management interfaces are supported
E.    Only virtual interfaces associated with sub-interfaces are supported
F.    Only out-of-band management interface are supported

Answer: BD

Which two statements about EVPN are true? (Choose two)

A.    EVPN routes can advertise VLAN membership and verify the reachability of Ethernet segments
B.    EVPN route exchange enables PEs to discover one another and elect a DF
C.    It is a next-generation Ethernet L3VPN solution that simplifies control-plane operations and enhances scalability
D.    EVPN routes can advertise backbone MAC reachability
E.    EVIs allows you to map traffic on one or more VLANs or ports to a Bridge Domain
F.    It is a next-generation Ethernet L2VPN solution that supports load balancing at the individual flow level and provides advanced access redundancy

Answer: BD

When applying MD5 route authentication on routers running RIP or EIGRP, which two important key chain considerations should be accounted for ? (Choose two)

A.    Key 0 of all key chains must match for all routers in the autonomous system
B.    No more than three keys should be configured in any single chain
C.    Routers should be configured for NTP to synchronize their clocks
D.    The Lifetimes of the keys in the chain should overlap
E.    Link compression techniques should be disabled on links transporting any MD5 hash

Answer: CD

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