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A technician is trying to add another switch to the network with multiple VLANs. Which of the following should the technician configure on the interface to allow multiple VLANs?

A.    Mirroring
B.    Trunking
C.    Authenticating
D.    Bonding

Answer: B

A company is experiencing a denial of service attack and wants to identify the source IP address of the attacker in real time. Which method is the BEST way to accomplish this?

A.    Network sniffer
B.    Syslog
C.    SNMPv3
D.    System logs

Answer: A

A technician suspects invalid information in the local DNS cache of a workstation. Which of the following commands can be used to clear this?

A.    nslookup
B.    ifconfig
C.    dig
D.    ipconfig

Answer: D

Which of the following would be used to run an instance of a Layer 2 device within an application?

A.    Virtual switch
B.    Virtual router
C.    Virtual PBX
D.    NaaS

Answer: A

A technician is unable to easily trace physical connections within a network rack. Which of the following practices would save time in the future?

A.    Change management
B.    Cable management
C.    Asset management
D.    Setting baselines

Answer: B

Which of the following syslog severity codes indicates an emergency and that the system is unusable?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    6
D.    7

Answer: A

Using source port numbers as a way to keep track of connections is a characteristic of which of the following protocols?

A.    TCP
B.    UDP
C.    NAT
D.    PAT

Answer: D

A consultant is installing new WAPs for an office using wall mounts. Which of the following is the BEST location for the new boxes for signal strength and coverage?

A.    Above the suspended ceiling with antennas positioned upward.
B.    Close to the floor level to allow the signal to traverse the floor laterally.
C.    Close to the suspended ceiling, but not above.
D.    Above the suspended ceiling with antennas positioned downward.

Answer: C

A technician has narrowed down the cause of a problem to two possible sources. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A.    Implement a solution for both causes to be sure all possibilities are covered.
B.    Choose the more likely cause and test to confirm.
C.    Establish a plan of action for each.
D.    Choose the less likely cause and test to eliminate.

Answer: B

A company has multiple WAPs within close proximity to each other to allow users to move about seamlessly through the building with their laptops, without losing any connection. However, this has had the opposite effect, causing any user that is close to two of the access points to constantly reconnect to the wireless network. Which of the following should be changed on all the WAPs to allow this to work as the customer intended?

A.    Change the SSID to be unique for each WAP.
B.    Change the antenna direction to be unique for each WAP.
C.    Change the encryption method to be unique for each WAP.
D.    Change the channel to be unique for each WAP.

Answer: D

Which of the following can be used to prioritize network streams to optimize performance for certain traffic types?

A.    VLAN
B.    VPN
C.    QoS
D.    PoE

Answer: C

An administrator is attempting to troubleshoot a program that is unable to resolve IP addresses from FQDNs. Which of the following commands is used to check reverse DNS settings?

A.    dig
B.    ifconfig
C.    nbtstat
D.    route

Answer: A

Which of the following is a fiber connector that is slightly smaller than a standard copper network cable connector?

A.    BNC
B.    GBIC
C.    MT-RJ
D.    SC

Answer: C

A user arrives at a new house and the Internet provider states the connection will run through the cable. If the user wants to install multiple PCs, which of the following will the user need in order to establish a connection? (Select TWO).

A.    VPN
B.    Router
C.    T1 card
D.    WEP
E.    Modem

Answer: BE

A user reports that they are unable to connect to the network. Upon further investigation, a technician notices that the user has an IP address/subnet mask combination of The default gateway for the network is Which of the following could the user’s IP address be changed to so that they could connect to the network?


Answer: C

A user is unable to communicate with any local network resources, but is connected to the wireless network and can access the Internet. The network technician notices that the laptop has an incorrect IP address, even though it shows it is connected. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    Signal strength
B.    Interference
C.    AP placement
D.    Incorrect SSID

Answer: D

A network technician has been asked to look into a report from the IDS to determine why traffic is being sent from an internal FTP server to an external website. Which of the following tools can be used to inspect this traffic?

A.    Router firewall
B.    Ping and traceroute
C.    Throughput tester
D.    Protocol analyzer

Answer: D

Which of the following DNS records must be queried to resolve the IPv6 address of a website?

B.    PTR
C.    AAAA
D.    A

Answer: C

Due to a recent change in company policy, all users managing network infrastructure devices must use SSH v2 and all administrative activity must be collected on a central store. Which of the following should the network administrator deploy to comply with the new collection requirements?

A.    Network intrusion detection
B.    Traffic analysis tool
C.    Syslog server
D.    Network sniffer

Answer: C

Which of the following protocols is used to send time synchronization updates on a given network?

A.    NTP
B.    POP3
C.    DNS
D.    IMAP

Answer: A

A network is having problems with traffic flowing to several critical websites that are used for necessary company work. Which of the following appliances would BEST handle network traffic to increase network performance?

A.    Caching engine
B.    Traffic shaper
C.    Network based firewall
D.    Packet sniffer

Answer: B

Which of the following wireless router security measures provides access to a network by allowing only devices on an approved physical address list?

A.    Port filtering
B.    MAC filtering
C.    SSID masking
D.    Port forwarding

Answer: B

A company needs to find a way to best route latency-sensitive traffic appropriately on an already congested network. Which of the following would be BEST suited for this purpose?

A.    QoS
B.    PPPoE
D.    VPN

Answer: A

Which of the following network protocols is used to transport email across the Internet?

A.    NTP
B.    SSH
C.    SMTP
D.    SNMP

Answer: C

Which of the following BEST describes a load balancer?

A.    A device that splits traffic between multiple nodes of a clustered service.
B.    A device that allows multiple computers to access the internet through a single public IP address.
C.    A device that filters internet content based on rules and ACLs.
D.    A device that separates users onto separate WAPs for even distribution.

Answer: A

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