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Security reviews did not pick up any major flaws, however vulnerability scanning results show fundamental issues at the very end of the project cycle. Which of the following security activities should also have been performed to discover vulnerabilities earlier in the lifecycle? A.    Architecture reviewB.    Risk assessmentC.    Protocol analysisD.    Code reviewAnswer: D QUESTION 42A security administrator is creating a subnet on one of the corporate firewall interfaces to use as a DMZ which is expected to accommodate at most 14 physical hosts. Which of the following subnets would BEST meet the requirements? A. Answer: B QUESTION 43A company has a security policy that specifies all endpoint computing devices should be assigned a unique identifier that can be tracked via an inventory management system. Recent changes to airline security regulations have cause many executives in the company to travel with mini tablet devices instead of laptops. These tablet devices are difficult to tag and track. An RDP application is used from the tablet to connect into the company network. Which of the following should be implemented in order to meet the security policy requirements? A.    Virtual desktop infrastructure (IDI)B.    WS-security and geo-fencingC.    A hardware security module (HSM)D.    RFID tagging systemE.    MDM softwareF.    Security Requirements Traceability Matrix (SRTM) Answer: E QUESTION 44The security administrator receives an email on a non-company account from a coworker stating that some reports are not exporting correctly. Attached to the email was an example report file with several customers' names and credit card numbers with the PIN. Which of the following is the BEST technical controls that will help mitigate this risk of disclosing sensitive data? A.    Configure the mail server to require TLS connections for every email to ensure all transport data is encryptedB.    Create a user training program to identify the correct use of email and perform regular audits to ensure complianceC.    Implement a DLP solution on the email gateway to scan email and remove sensitive data or filesD.    Classify all data according to its sensitivity and inform the users of data that is prohibited to share Answer: C QUESTION 45A technician is configuring a wireless guest network. After applying the most recent changes the technician finds the new devices can no longer find the wireless network by name but existing devices are still able to use the wireless network. Which of the following security measures did the technician MOST likely implement to cause this Scenario? A.    Deactivation of SSID broadcastB.    Reduction of WAP signal output powerC.    Activation of 802.1X with RADIUSD.    Implementation of MAC filteringE.    Beacon interval was decreased Answer: A QUESTION 46A security administrator has been assigned to review the security posture of the standard corporate system image for virtual machines. The security administrator conducts a thorough review of the system logs, installation procedures, and network configuration of the VM image. Upon reviewing the access logs and user accounts, the security administrator determines that several accounts will not be used in production. Which of the following would correct the deficiencies? A.    Mandatory access controlsB.    Disable remote loginC.    Host hardeningD.    Disabling services Answer: C QUESTION 47Although a web enabled application appears to only allow letters in the comment field of a web form, malicious user was able to carry a SQL injection attack by sending special characters through the web comment field. Which of the following has the application programmer failed to implement? A.    Revision control systemB.    Client side exception handlingC.    Server side validationD.    Server hardening Answer: C QUESTION 48An attacker discovers a new vulnerability in an enterprise application. The attacker takes advantage of the vulnerability by developing new malware. After installing the malware the attacker is provided with access to the infected machine. Which of the following is being described? A.    Zero-day exploitB.    Remote code executionC.    Session hijackingD.    Command injection Answer: A QUESTION 49A security administrator returning from a short vacation receives an account lock-out message when attempting to log into the computer. After getting the account unlocked the security administrator immediately notices a large amount of emails alerts pertaining to several different user accounts being locked out during the past three days. The security administrator uses system logs to determine that the lock-outs were due to a brute force attack on all accounts that has been previously logged into that machine. Which of the following can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of this attack going undetected? A.    Password complexity rulesB.    Continuous monitoringC.    User access reviewsD.    Account lockout policies Answer: B QUESTION 50A bank requires tellers to get manager approval when a customer wants to open a new account. A recent audit shows that there have been four cases in the previous year where tellers opened accounts without management approval. The bank president thought separation of duties would prevent this from happening. In order to implement a true separation of duties approach the bank could: A.    Require the use of two different passwords held by two different individuals to open an accountB.    Administer account creation on a role based access control approachC.    Require all new accounts to be handled by someone else other than a teller since they have different dutiesD.    Administer account creation on a rule based access control approach Answer: C More free Lead2pass SY0-501 exam new questions on Google Drive: Lead2pass is now here to help you with your SY0-501 exam certification problems. 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