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D QUESTION 202Which of the following is an advantage of dynamic addressing? A.    To allow hosts with different subnet masks to communicateB.    To prevent host computers from staying at one address C.    To allow easy addition of new hosts to the networkD.    To allow hosts to use multiple addresses at the same time Answer: C QUESTION 203DNS on a client computer provides which of the following functions? A.    Communicate with a remote server for user login validationB.    Communicate internally with cached tables for address assignmentC.    Communicate with a remote server for address assignmentD.    Communicate with a remote server for address resolution Answer: D QUESTION 204Which of the following network topologies is MOST likely to affect other devices on the network if there is a problem with one of the devices? A.    MeshB.    BusC.    RingD.    Star Answer: C QUESTION 205Which of the following Internet connection types would be MOST susceptible to interference from weather? (Select TWO). A.    Dial-upB.    Line-of-sightC.    SatelliteD.    CableE.    DSL Answer: BC QUESTION 206Which of the following diagnostics is performed at POST? A.    RAM Self CheckB.    Temperature CheckC.    Hard Disk Parity CheckD.    Plug and Play Compliance Check Answer: A QUESTION 207Which of the following connection types is rated at transfer speeds of 480 Mbps? A.    USB 1.1B.    USB 2.0C.    1394bD.    1394a Answer: B QUESTION 208Which of the following levels of RAID is MOST likely to increase performance while NOT offering additional reliability? A.    RAID 0B.    RAID 1C.    RAID 5D.    RAID 10 Answer: A QUESTION 209A contractor has removed a wall jack and thrown it away. There is no longer a line number on the network cable. A technician attaches a far end connector and proceeds to several wiring closets to find the patch panel location of the cable. Which of the following tools will the technician need for this job? A.    Toner probeB.    Loopback plugC.    Cable testerD.    Multimeter Answer: A QUESTION 210The company is considering adding Bluetooth printers to the environment. In Windows 7, how would a technician add a Bluetooth printer? A.    Start >Printers and Devices >Add a Printer >Add a local printerB.    Start >Control Panel >Device Manager > Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth printerC.    Start >Control Panel >Device Manager > Add a Bluetooth printerD.    Start >Printers and Devices >Add a Printer >Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth printer Answer: D QUESTION 211Which of the following connector types does CAT5e require to connect it from a PC to a switch or router? A.    RJ-45B.    RJ-11C.    BNCD.    LC Answer: A QUESTION 212During the installation of a wireless router at a small business, it is noted that some of the wireless clients support WPA2 and some of the clients support WPA. Which of the following encryptions should be set on the router? A.    WPAB.    WPA2C.    WEPD.    TKIP Answer: A QUESTION 213Which of the following cable types is rated to transmit a MAXIMUM of 10 Mbps? A.    CAT3B.    CAT5C.    CAT5eD.    CAT6 Answer: A QUESTION 214When building a RAID 10 array, which of the following is the minimum number of drives that have to be installed? A.    2B.    3C.    4D.    5 Answer: C QUESTION 215Which of the following is the correct configuration for a RAID 5 array? A.    A two disk set with one data stripB.    A three disk set with two data strips and a parity stripC.    A two disk set with two data stripsD.    A four disk set with two sets of data strips Answer: B QUESTION 216A user has a new laptop with a quad-core processor, and wants to increase the memory of the unit. Which of the following memory types would be the BEST choice? A.    DIMMB.    RIMMC.    SIMMD.    SODIMM Answer: D QUESTION 217Which of the following is the MOST critical component related to removing heat from the CPU? A.    Vented caseB.    Number of fansC.    Thermal pasteD.    Liquid cooling Answer: C QUESTION 218Which of the following is the form factor of a standard S-video connector? A.    DB-15B.    DB-25C.    DIN-6D.    DB-9 Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 219Which of the following network devices broadcasts all data to all users? A.    HubB.    RouterC.    SwitchD.    Bridge Answer: A QUESTION 220Which of the following cooling types would MOST likely be recommended for a home theater PC? A.    NitrogenB.    LiquidC.    Fan/heatsinkD.    Passive Answer: C QUESTION 221Which of the following Internet connection types will offer a more consistent upload and download speed? A.    DSLB.    ISDNC.    SatelliteD.    Fiber Answer: D QUESTION 222Which of the following describes a function of dual data rate memory? A.    Correcting errors in memory twice per clock signalB.    Reading and writing twice per clock signalC.    Refreshing the level 3 cache twice per clock signalD.    Reading or writing twice per clock signal Answer: D QUESTION 223The network printer is locking up and printing garbled text. When the user cancels the job from their local print queue, nothing happens. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? A.    The printer needs to be power cycled to clear the job.B.    The print server's queue needs to be checked.C.    The printer needs to be set to factory defaults.D.    The user's workstation needs to be rebooted. Answer: B QUESTION 224A user reports that the workstation next to them has prohibited material on the screen. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST? A.    Unplug the networkB.    Ask the user for their passwordC.    Identify what files are openD.    Power off the workstation Answer: C QUESTION 225The security team has implemented new guidelines on how to handle sensitive information stored on workstations based on a past incident involving information found on donated workstations. Which of the following should be completed by technicians before donating the workstations? A.    Install a new operating systemB.    Delete users' data before donationC.    Write the drive with 1's and 0's three timesD.    Delete all partitions of the hard drive Answer: C More free Lead2pass 220-901 exam new questions on Google Drive: CompTIA 220-901 exam questions are available in PDF and VCE format. This makes it very convenient for you to follow the course and study the exam whenever and wherever you want. 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